Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Inspection and Maintenance of Solar Panels Ensures Safe and Efficient Operation

In South Australia, we haven’t had problems with solar panel safety on the same scale that some other states have had with regards to a rapid influx of poor quality, imported solar inverters and isolators as a result of the withdrawal of feed-in tariffs (FITs). This is because in SA, the withdrawal of FITs was done more gradually, and so there wasn’t the same rush, and influx of less than scrupulous retailers and installers onto the market, trying to cash in as homeowners hurried to take advantage of the scheme.

Nevertheless, the quality of the most important components of your home solar energy system, namely the solar inverter and DC isolator, make a significant difference to the reliability, efficiency and safety of your home solar energy system. It is crucial both for the effective and safe operation of your solar panels that these and other vital components are checked on a regular basis by trained industry professionals.

Adelaide solar panel cleaning, inspection and maintenance
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Adelaide Solar Panel Inspections

When we inspect solar panels, or carry out a maintenance check, we’re able to ascertain important information that affects the efficiency of your system, such as the integrity and operation of rooftop and wall DC isolators and the AC solar main switch, and whether your DC isolator is not at risk of overheating. We will also assess the wiring of your DC isolator, to check it is operating safely. We also examine your solar inverter to ensure that it’s not becoming excessively hot, to check that the circuitry is of sufficient quality, and that the seals are in good condition.

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