Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Adelaide Solar Panel Care and Maintenance

Having your solar panels inspected, performing regular maintenance checks, and having them cleaned on a regular basis is vital to ensuring that your home solar energy system is working as efficiently as possible. An efficient solar system working to its full capacity means that you cut down on your energy use, reduce your household emissions, and save money on your electricity bills by consuming less and by feeding back to the grid.

Like any significant investment in technology, it pays to take the time and effort to ensure that your system is working to maximum capacity, and in the case of solar panels there are clear cost benefits to be gained that outweigh the expenditure involved.

At +Solar Fix Network, our solar panel cleaning, inspection and maintenance services ensure that you have an effective and efficient home solar energy system and that it’s producing the results you require—namely cutting your energy use and costs and reducing your household emissions.

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Solar Panel Maintenance Checks and Cleaning Improve Efficiency

In order to ensure that your solar panels are working at their most efficient, regular inspections. maintenance checks and cleaning are invaluable.

For instance, at a periodic solar panel maintenance check we will assess as to whether your panels are being affected by shading. Suburban Adelaide is blessed with a great deal of greenery and while this might wonderful for the ambience of your street and neighbourhood, fast-growing trees with overhanging branches can impact on how much direct sunlight is able to get to your solar panels, especially in the winter months.

Our maintenance checks can therefore determine whether the are any impediments to your panels receiving the maximum sunlight, thus affecting their overall efficiency and costing you money.

Solar Panel Cleaning

Our Adelaide solar panel cleaning service will remove any build up of stains, grime or debris that might be preventing sunlight from reaching the solar cells. Such build up can be caused by air pollution, dirt, dust, rain or bird droppings, as well as lead litter from nearby trees and branches.

A build up of residue and grime on the surface of your solar panels can reduce their operating efficiency by up to 40%, which in turn means that you are not producing energy at the rate you could be and so your power bills may not be dropping as anticipated.

Our eco-friendly cleaning service uses minimal purified water that contains no harmful chemicals or detergents, and environmentally-friendly telescopic reach-and-wash cleaning poles and brushes so that no residue is left behind afterwards. Your solar panels are then in a ultra-clean state and there are no barriers to your being able to make the most of every ray of sunshine available.

Inspection Services

In South Australia, it is a requirement that solar panels are inspected on a regular basis. The timeframe for this should be set out in the manufacturer’s instructions, but if this isn’t the case, a solar panel inspection in Adelaide needs to be carried out every five years.

We specialise in offering a solar panel inspection service that will ensure that you are meeting the warranty conditions set out by your manufacturer as well as South Australian state government legislation.

Copywriting by +MarkAngus