Sunday, 22 June 2014

Why regular solar panel maintenance checks are important

DC isolator

Your DC isolator is a central part of your system’s operating efficiency and safety and it needs to conform to AS5033 with regards to its construction and installation.

There were a number of incidents in northern Australia in early 2014 where faulty imported DC isolators were believed to have overheated, or moisture entered the switch’s enclosure, and this caused sparks and overheating. In a significant number of cases this then led to solar panels catching on fire. As a result, the DC isolators that were at fault—the Avanco DC isolator and the PV Power isolator—have now been recalled and withdrawn from sale.

However, even if your DC isolator is not one of these two models, these accidents nevertheless highlight the fact that high-quality components are essential to a safe and efficient system. They also demonstrate all too clearly the importance of having regular solar panel inspections and maintenance checks.

Homeowners should check the documentation that was provided by their solar installer in order to check the brand of DC isolator that has been used, as well as ensuring that the component that has been installed is the same as that in the documentation.

How will solar panel inspection help?
  • we confirm that your DC isolator has been made by a respectable manufacturer whose products are known to be of an acceptable standard 
  • we check the integrity and operation of rooftop and wall DC isolators and the AC solar main switch, and ensure that your system is correctly labelled 
  • we check that your DC isolator is not at risk of overheating 
  • we review and assess the wiring associated with your DC isolator, to ensure that it is delivering the appropriate safe operating conditions 

Solar inverters

The solar inverter enables the DC current that is generated by your solar panels to be into your home so that it can then be used by household appliances. It also the means whereby the excess energy you produce can be fed back into the grid, enabling you to capitalise on any feed-in tariff you may have.

In order to get the most out of your system, your solar inverter needs to function efficiently. Unfortunately, too many homeowners have been persuaded to install cheaper, low-quality inverters with the aim of reducing initial set-up costs. However, this is ultimately a false economy as a cheap inverter is more likely to fail or work below optimum capacity, meaning that you are drawing more power than you need to from the grid, and not benefitting from your feed-in tariff.

This is why it is so important to check your inverter on a regular basis, and if it is underperforming, or you notice a drop off in output, that you have an inspection and maintenance checks. At Solar Fix Network, we offer a full range of solar inspection and maintenance services, and our skilled and trained staff can inspect and test your solar inverter to ensure that it’s working to full capacity and that you’re getting the full benefits of your system.

Solar panel cleaning 

If your solar panels aren’t clean—whether due to rain, pollution, bird droppings or other deposits—sunlight is unable to reach the solar cells and they therefore absorb less energy. In turn, this means that your system is producing less energy and so is costing you money. It’s crucial, therefore, that your solar panels are as clean as possible.

We offer a comprehensive solar cleaning service, using eco-friendly materials and technology, that is designed to keep your solar panels clean and working at their best.,

Using purified water that contains no harmful chemicals or detergents, your rainwater collection and supply will not be affected, while rubber seals and glass panels are not damaged by the use of chemicals. Throughout the cleaning process, we use minimal water and so cleaning is completed in a safe, environmentally sound manner.

Our cleaning utilises gentle, environmentally-friendly telescopic reach-and-wash cleaning poles and brushes, ensuring that there are no spots, harmful residues or chemicals left behind, while our use of scratch-free cleaning technology means the glass on your panels remains like new.

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