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How to know if you have problems with your solar inverter

Your solar inverter is the most important part of your home solar system, and problems will affect both its efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Therefore, it's important to inspect your solar inverter regularly so that you can ensure that it's working properly and so that you're getting the best value from your system.

Warning signs of a faulty or non-functioning inverter

  • you have a solar system installed in your home, but you’re not noticing any reduction in your electricity bills 
  • error messages being displayed 
  • you notice there’s some damage to the inverter 
  • you notice that the inverter seems to be very hot

What causes problems with inverters? Why do they fail?

Although solar energy systems are fairly robust and don’t require excessive amounts of maintenance, it is nevertheless crucial to have a regular maintenance routine so as to check that your inverter in particular is functioning to full capacity, as this is the key component of a safe, efficient and reliable solar installation.

Solar inverters can be subject to variable, often high levels of voltage, are exposed to extreme ranges in temperature, and can be susceptible to moisture and dust, and for this reason less well-made, poor quality inverters tend to have a high failure rate, impact negatively on performance and efficiency, and can even pose an electrical safety threat.

The signs of a poor quality inverter may include:

  • becoming excessively hot 
  • poor seals 
  • substandard circuitry

At Solar Fix Network, we are specialists in the inspection, maintenance and repair of solar systems and help you to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your system and that it’s achieving what you intended—reducing your energy use and emissions, and seeing major savings in your electricity bills.

Solar inverters are the most important element of a home solar energy system
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