Monday, 24 March 2014

What is a solar inverter and why is it so important?

A solar inverter converts the DC current produced by your solar panels into an AC current that enables electricity to fed into your home in a form that can be used by your appliances. It also enables electricity to be fed back into the commercial grid. Your inverter is such an important component because it enables you to extract the optimum energy from your solar panels.
An inverter that is functioning properly and efficiently is therefore crucial to your being able to get the full benefit from your solar system. If your inverter is not working to full capacity:
  • you will be drawing power from the grid more often and in greater quantities than you should be
  • your electricity bills will be higher, because you are having to use more commercially produced electricity
  • you will not be receiving as much financial return from your feed-in tariff from your supplier, because you are not able to return the optimum amount of electricity to the grid
Inverters, especially those from the lower end of the market, are the component that is most susceptible to malfunction and this is why, if you have had a solar system in place for two years or more, you need to check on a regular basis that it’s operating effectively. For a system that’s been in place for this length of time, we recommend that you check that it’s working to its full capacity every two weeks. A simple visual inspection may reveal an error message on the inverter display, or warning lights might be showing.

Why check so frequently? Because waiting until the electricity bill comes is too late! By then, you will have been drawing power from the grid at a far greater rate than you anticipated and so you could be in for a nasty shock.  Unfortunately, many people only discover that there are faults in their solar system when it stops functioning altogether. 

If you’ve noticed a drop in your system’s efficiency, but can’t see any obvious signs of an inverter malfunction yourself, we offer a full range of inspection and maintenance services, and our trained and skilled staff can inspect and test all aspects of your system to ensure that it’s delivering maximum efficiency and minimising your costs as much as possible. 

Solar inverters need to be inspected and maintained regularly
Adelaide has some of the highest electricity bills in Australia, so make sure your inverter is working properly

Copywriting for +Cadogan and Hall by +Mark Angus