Monday, 3 March 2014

Solar Panels Inspection

Homeowners in Adelaide who have had solar panels installed already know the economic and environmental benefits, and the improved energy efficiency of their homes.

However, it’s important to understand that regular inspection, as well as cleaning and maintenance of your solar panels, is vital.

There are three important reasons why you need regular inspection and cleaning of your solar panels:

  1. to ensure that you are meeting the manufacturer’s warranty conditions (if applicable)
  2. to ensure that you are meeting South Australian legislation
  3. to ensure that your solar panels are working as efficiently as possible

Warranty conditions
The warranty documentation that came with your solar system may specify how frequently you need to have it inspected in order to be able to meet the warranty conditions, so it’s important that you adhere to these guidelines in order to protect your valuable investment. However, it may be the case that your warranty does not stipulate regular inspection intervals; if not, we recommend that you have your system inspected every two years.

South Australian Legislation
Unfortunately, not everyone who has a solar system installed is aware of the South Australian government legislation regarding their inspection and maintenance. 

SA Power Networks Small Embedded Generation Technical Guidelines stipulate that your solar system either needs to be inspected and maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions or, if this isn’t specified, within five years of the system’s installation, and then every five years after that.

Operating efficiency
Solar panels that aren’t clean don’t operate at maximum efficiency; however, like the windows on your home, or your car windscreen they can get dirty quite quickly. Dirt, dust, bird droppings, air pollution—all can conspire to keep your solar panels from being in pristine condition and so operating at full capacity.

Our Services
We specialise in carrying out solar panel inspection and cleaning that enable you to meet both your manufacturer’s warranty conditions, and state government legislation. Additionally, our cleaning services ensure that your panels are able to work at their very best.

At Solar Fix Network, we can meet your solar panel maintenance, servicing and repair needs wherever you are in South Australia. Call us on (08) 8185 1552 or email

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